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Greek Orthodox Weddings And Christenings

Wedding Lambades | Christening Lambades | Stefana

A Greek wedding is an event you always remember. Bon Bon Weddings Perth specializes in Greek orthodox weddings and christenings.. In wedding and christening candles exclusively designed by Bon Bon Weddings Perth, traditional modern styles to choose from, from plain elegant to extravagant. Bon Bon Weddings Perth also specialises in Serbian and Russian Weddings.

For your wedding you need two large wedding candles ( lambades ) and Bon Bon Weddings Perth designs them exclusively for your special ceremony. Beautiful wedding white frosted candles approximately 1m long x 3cm diam, dressed with lots of layers of white or ivory. Fresh silk tulle , see our range.

The crowns (stefana) are absolutely beautiful. They are hand crafted and designed by Bon Bon Weddings Perth in traditional and modern styles from plain sterling silver to brilliant Swarovski crystals, diamantes, pearls, and the beautiful rational porcelain roses.

Beautiful wedding trays for the wedding crowns ( stefana ) are available in silver or chrome stained steel as well as matching wine carafes and wedding wine glasses for the ceremony. Also for the Greek orthodox weddings and christenings stunning breath-taking tulle bombonieres with European flavor are available in many styles and colors.


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